Why a longer password is more secure than a complex one

Why a longer password is more secure than a complex one

If you have done a little research about how to create a secure password, you might have noticed that a longer password is more secure than a complex one. In the past, you were always told to use lots of symbols and never use a dictionary word. This is no longer the advice you will always get today and there are several reasons why.

  1. A password is encrypted after it is entered.
  2. Complex passwords are not harder for software to hack.
  3. Writing down a password is insecure.

If you think about it, there are few cases where all of the above are not true. Any password you enter on any secure website is encrypted once it leaves your browser. It is really a different password at this point. In fact, being encrypted makes it complex and it is harder to hack already.

Complex passwords are not harder for software to hack. A password cracker will use random entries and does not necessarily try to guess words. Running software to try and guess a combination of dictionary words may be more time-consuming with less results. Because it must take extra steps to use new words and avoid using ones it has already tried, it is less efficient than going after complex passwords.

Writing down a password and even just storing it digitally creates a vulnerability. Not only that, but most passwords that are stored in this manner are stored along with many others. Consequently, usually this password is one that is on a list, and a list of passwords is something that can really breach your security.

Use a password you won’t forget

It is better to just use a password you don’t have to write down and won’t forget, even if it must be made of dictionary words. You will notice many password generators online are now made to give you the choice to create a password made of real dictionary words. Even password managers that you install and may come with a subscription now have this feature.

The problem with complex passwords is relying on logging in automatically or copying and pasting something you cannot possibly remember. You want to be able to type your password in, not rely on a password manager or web browser to do it for you.

One thing to remember, however, is that a password manager that logs you in does not require you to save the password in your web browser. If you are using a password manager, you do not have to save your password in your browser.

In fact, that means you are only storing it locally, and you should only rely on your password manager to login if that is all you need. However, your password manager may not be on every device you use to login. That is why it is important to use a password manager that you can install on any device you use.

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